Office Equipment and Consumables Department.

High cost of consumables copiers, printers and faxes, Lead most of the companies on using remanufactured cartridges or  recharging them.
But charging a cartridge, regardless of its extremely important parameters, not only doesn't reduce their cost but also face companies with different problems such as printer failure, low print quality and so forth.

Consultation for buying the most suitable equipment according to customer operating conditions, maintenance and repair of printers, copiers and industrial in place is our major services in this department.

In 2010, we put the production of our own brand cartridges in our agenda and now we are able to produce a series of laser printers cartridges HP / Canon using industrial methods and equipment produced by leading manufacturers in this industry.

The production of GFR Cartridge with according to climatic conditions (height - temperature, etc.) and combining the high quality components from all over the world subjected to ASTM Standard (American Standard Testing Method) to meet consumer expectations in terms of pages (Page Yield), color density (Density) and background (Background) is customized.